9 Projects to Kick-Start Organizing for the New Year

Each new year brings the promise of a fresh start, and after a long, hard 2020, many of us may be more ready than ever to embrace the hope that January brings.

Perhaps organizing your home is on your resolutions list for the new year. If you’d like to get started but don’t know what to do first, consider tackling one or more of these nine projects. Getting your house in order after the holidays can be a wonderful way to create a new beginning and a peaceful foundation at home.
1. Make Decisions About Holiday Cards
2. Declutter Your Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags
3. Get Honest About Gifts Received and Purchases Made
4. Clear Out Printed Materials You Don’t Need
5. Eliminate Excess Food Storage Containers
6. Let Go of Unneeded Pots and Vases
7. Pare Down Pajamas and Loungewear
8. Pair and Winnow Your Socks
9. Declutter Your Cords