Wash Dishes, Sweep Floors: Housework as a Meditation Opportunity

You may have heard about the health benefits of staying in the moment. Here’s how to de-stress through housekeeping.

Chores as Mindfulness Meditation
1. Wiping the counters and stove.
2. Making your bed. 
3. Washing dishes.
4. Sweeping, mopping or dusting.
5. Caring for plants. 
6. Hanging up laundry to dry.
7. Folding laundry.
How to Begin Mindful Housekeeping
Set a compassionate intention for doing your chore well — creating a nice, clean space for you and your family to sit and drink tea, for example.
Take a moment to consciously relax any tension in your body.
Gently become aware of your breath as you work, to help you stay in the moment.
When your mind wanders (and it will) to complaints, your to-do list or something that’s been bothering you, simply notice the thought arising and return your attention to the task at hand.
Pay attention to your senses: the feeling of warm, soapy water; the grain of the wood counter; the sounds coming from the open window. 
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